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    I hope all our junior fans enjoyed watching us play last season. Your support at Wembley was amazing! We’re all so excited to come home next season – the team and I can’t wait to play in the new stadium.

    One Hotspur junior Membership is going to be really exciting! There will be brand new Gift Packs for every Member, all the benefits of adult Membership and a birthday card on your special day, plus chances to win big prizes, such as starring in the official team photo or interviewing the players!

    Be One of our Own in this historic season ahead.

    Come on you Spurs!

    Kane 10

    Harry Kane

    One Hotspur Junior President

    Harry Kane  

    Your One Hotspur junior 0–2 yrs
    Membership pack includes:

    • Chirpy and Lily glove puppets
    • Hard back Spurs story book
    0-2 pack  
    3-10 pack  

    Your One Hotspur junior 3–10 yrs
    Membership pack includes:

    • Rucksack
    • Lunch bag
    • Bag buddy
    • Activity book
    • Stickers
    3-10 pack  

    Your One Hotspur junior 11-15 yrs
    Membership pack includes:

    • Barrel bag
    • Membership Card holder
    • Flag
    • Metal water bottle
    11-15 pack  


    There are four different price levels, with the amount you pay determined by your age on 16 August 2018. Adult One Hotspur Members pay £43, or £48 for One Hotspur +. Those under 18 and over 65 pay a concessionary rate of £20 for Membership, or £25 to join One Hotspur +.

    See the full pricing table below:

    Pricing family

    Gift Pack items presented in on this website are for illustrative purposes only and are subject to change. Gift Packs and price points are determined by the Members age on 16 August 2018.