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    • Stunning look-back at our famous former ground

      Tottenham Hotspur are proud to present The Lane 360. Re-visit White Hart Lane and explore some of its most famous locations, alongside rooms previously off-limits. Watch as the rooms come to life in 360 degree video, with footage from our final matches and memories from legends, fans and the current squad.

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      Recommended Device Requirements

      Mac   macOS High Sierra   Chrome  
      PC Windows 10 Chrome
      iPhone 6 upward iOS 11.3 Safari
      Samsung S6 upward Andriod7 Chrome
      iPad 4 upward iOS 11.3 Safari


      Issue   Try this…  
      My screen has frozen / won’t load 1.Check Web GL is enabled: (and follow the links to enable, if required)

      2.Close browser, and other programmes you don’t need, then start again.

      3.If the problem persists try a different browser; Firefox or Chrome are optimal.
      I’m getting a black screen 1.Check you are using the latest version of your browser and operating system.

      2.The Lane 360 may not work on devices more than 5 years old, or software older than Windows 10, Android V5 lollipop or Mac OS 10 / Yosemite.
      Video loads or plays slowly 1.Try setting the video to SD 

      2.Close background applications and reload.

      3.Check internet connection, ideally use wifi
      Rotate phone doesn't work  1.Check screen rotation is unlocked in settings.
      How do I improve the 360 video quality? 1.Toggle the video setting to HD.

      2.If you are using a particularly big screen (for example, 4k monitor or iPad Pro), streaming limitations may occur.

      Detailed Browser Recommendations

      Always update your browser to the latest stable version.

      Chrome Version 62 or later Enter chrome://version in the address bar to see your current version.
      Safari Version 10 or later Open Safari. In the top menubar, click Safari and then About Safari.
      Firefox Version 57 or later Enter about:support in the address bar to see your current version.
      Edge Version 16 or later Select More ... in the upper-right corner, and then select Settings. Look for your version under About this app.
      Internet explorer Version 11 or later Open Internet Explorer, select the Tools button (or the Help button if you’re using IE 8) and then choose About Internet Explorer.

      Detailed Device Recommendations

      Windows (PC) Windows 10 or later, GPU, and at least 8 GB of RAM. 2 GB or above video memory recommended.
      Mac OSX 10.10.5 (Yosemite) or later, GPU, and at least 8 GB of RAM. 2 GB or above video memory recommended.
      iOS iOS 9.0 or later. Hardware: iPhone 6 or later, iPad Air series, iPad Mini Retina 2 or later, or iPad 4.
      Android Varies due to the wide variety of manufacturers and Android versions. In general, a device with Android 5.0 Lollipop or later with Chrome and WebGL.